On January 10, 2000, God breathed life into a new church, Christ’s Way Baptist Church. He established a new family. God has blessed and added to this family in a marvelous way. During the first 10 years, God has grown us from the original 52 members to over 450 members. God has brought us from our first Sundays in a motel conference room, to meeting in a shopping center, to the place of enjoying our own facilities at 3885 Copperfield Drive in Bryan. Yet, as God’s word reminds us, we are “only pilgrims passing through” this world on our way home to be with Him. We are still here that others might also come to know Jesus, receive eternal life and that heavenly home. This greatest of all blessings, eternal life, is available only by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ. Salvation and eternal life are attained only Christ’s Way. Therein lies the reason for our name; Christ’s Way Baptist Church.