Christ’s Way Youth is a ministry of Christ’s Way Baptist Church for teenagers, 7th-12th grade. Our goal is to get students to realize their need for a relationship with Christ, to show students the truth in God’s Word and how to apply it to their daily life.

Students will undoubtedly face major challenges throughout their teenage years. Our hope is that they will seek God’s guidance in these times and will choose the road that aligns with God’s Will for their lives.

Christ’s Way Youth are focused on three things: discipleship, service (giving back), and fellowship.

Discipleship Opportunities
The youth meet two times every week:  Sundays for Sunday School at 9:45 am and Wednesdays at 6:30 pm for bible study. Beginning November 8th the youth will be studying about the 5 core beliefs of the reformation.  500 years ago on October 31st Martin Luther (an Augustinian monk) posted his “95 Theses,” which protested a works-based salvation and religion.  We will be studying about why the reformation matters and why scripture, grace, faith, Christ, and the glory to God are key to our relationship with God.